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tentative organs for tentative bodies

12.00 / Sold Out

40-ish pages
riso printed in 2 colours & hand-assembled with tracing paper inserts
a collection of sketches from the second half of 2016
includes a random sticker
more pictures here

what is the fair price option?
the fair price option lets you order the zine for a price that only covers shipping, with no other margin. you should use this option
· if you live in a country where the currency gap compared to euro/dollar/etc is significant enough that the regular price becomes unreasonable
· or/and if you really want the zine but you currently can't afford the full price

how do you check if people qualify for fair price?
i don't! i trust you do pick what is fair for you ✿

what if i don't qualify for it but i still order with fair price
i will never know and you'll receive a zine regardless and when you die you'll go to hell